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Nannochloropsis salina - 11 years ago

Got an informative article about Nannochloropsis salina when i was surfing at Cleantick.The article discusses various characteristics of the strain such as lipid productivity,photosynthetic efficiency,growth rate etc... Read at:http://www.cleantick.com/users/amandaleah/projects/analysis-of-marine-algae-strains-for-biofuel-production-nannochloropsis-salina- more

A Public Holding Company Focused on Algae Tech and Algae-Biodiesel Turnkey Projects for the Production of Biodiesel, WHEN to Raise 100 $m - 11 years ago

World Health Energy Holdings Inc. (WHEN) signed an engagement letter with Millennium Capital Resources (MCR) LLC, a project development and financial advisory firm, to raise up to $100 million in ...- more

Dewatering of microalgal cultures: A major bottleneck to algae-based fuels - 11 years ago

An interesting paper published on dewatering of microalgal cultures.You can read it online at the url provided below. A large amount of studies has been completed on the harvesting and recovery ...- more

Algae to rescue mankind again ! - 11 years ago

The proponents of the algae solution say that it has saved the world once and can do so again. Many millions of years ago, it helped clean up what was ...- more

ABO comments on RAND report - 11 years ago

Alternative Fuels for Military Applications  was the title of the report by RAND.ABO comments about it here.http://www.algalbiomass.org/comments-on-rand/- more

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