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Si silica effect on lipid production in algae (diatoms)
Thu March 10 2011 09:09:29 AM by Marwa 1585 views

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  • Marwa wrote:
    Thu March 10 2011 09:14:21 AM

    The effects of silicon deficiency on the metabolism and composition of lipids in Cyclotella cryptica T13L Reimann, Lewin, and Guillard were examined. Silicon-deficient cells had higher levels of neutral lipids (primarily triacylglycerols) and higher proportions of saturated and monounsaturated fatty acids than silicon-replete cells. After 4 h of silicon deficiency, the percentage of newly assimilated NaH14CO3partitioned into lipids increased from 27.6% to 54.1%, whereas the percentage partitioned into chrysolaminarin decreased from 21.6% to 10.6%. In addition, pulse-chase experiments with NaH14CO3 indicated that the amount of 14C in the total cellular lipid fraction increased by 32% after 12 h of silicon deficiency despite the absence of additional photoassimilable 14C. Therefore, the accumulation of lipids in response to silicon deficiency appears to be due to two distinct processes: (a) an increase in the proportion of newly assimilated carbon partioned into lipids, and (2) a slow conversion of previously assimilated carbon from non-lipid compounds into lipids

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