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Why Isnít Algal Biodiesel Currently Produced on a Large-scale?
Tue March 08 2011 05:50:47 AM by Marwa 2198 views

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  • Wed March 09 2011 08:34:51 AM

    Fossil fuel has not run out yet. When it begins to we will see panic, hardship and more wars. Why not prepare pre-emptively.

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  • Marwa wrote:
    Thu March 10 2011 08:46:48 AM

    An important lesson from the outdoor testing of algae production systems is theinability to maintain laboratory organisms in the field. Algal species that looked verypromising when tested in the laboratory were not robust under conditionsencountered in the field. In fact, the best approach for successful cultivation of aconsistent species of algae was to allow a contaminant native to the area to take overthe ponds.

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  • Marwa wrote:
    Thu March 10 2011 08:52:41 AM

    so we need for highly productive organisms capable of near-theoretical levels of conversion ofsunlight to biomass. Even with aggressive assumptions about biologicalproductivity, we project costs for biodiesel which are two times higher than currentpetroleum diesel fuel costs.

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