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Rapid estimation of triacylglycerol content of Chlorella sp. by
thermogravimetric analysis [Biotechnol Lett (2011) 33:957?960] 28

Abstract:  A simple and reliable method based on thermogravimetric analysis has been developed for determining triacylglycerol content in Chlorella sp.KR-1. There are two decomposing steps during pyrolysis of the microalgal cells and the second step of weight loss may be attributed to degradation and volatilization of triacylglycerols. The second peak height in the temperature derivatives of weight loss increased with the triacylglycerol content of the microalgal cells and the peak was around 390_C regardless of the triacylglycerol contents. Based on these findings, a linear equation for determining triacylglycerol content was derived. The proposed method gives satisfactory results, showing small variance and a good interpolation capability.

Sat May 28 2011 02:40:38 AM by Marta 2332 views
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