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fatty acid composition change?? 2

If I changes the media conditions or grows my algae in wastewater ... only the lipid yields changes or also their composition??

Also if I grow a marine algae on a general media (which gives me higher growth than natural sea water) does this affect the lipid yields and thier composition ??

Fri June 24 2011 07:39:32 PM by MElSheikh 2149 views

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  • Abomohra wrote:
    Sat June 25 2011 06:35:31 PM

    Hi MElSheikh,

    As far as I know, fatty acids compositions also change as a consequence of changing of growth conditions. For some experiments I did, I observed that ratio and types of fatty acids change at different growth phases. Which results in change of lipid productivity.

    For growing algae on unsuitable medium, I think this may stimulate lipid production per dry weight, because it will be somehow a stress condition and of course the biomass production will be decrease.

    Best Wishes

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  • MElSheikh wrote:
    Sat June 25 2011 09:15:39 PM

    So you think I should do GC analysis for the lipids after each change in the growth conditions?

    Many thanks for your answer :)

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