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Droug Frater Shelves Green Algae. But is optimistic of algafuel ! 2

Doug Frater, President and CEO of Global Green Solutions Inc. says that "Greensteam " literally moves full steam ahead, Global Green Solutions has been less successful with another clean-tech project it had in the pipeline:

Green Algae.

According to Frater, this project, involving an algae photobioreactor growing system that produces algae biomass from which oil can be extracted as a biofuels feedstock, was shelved "following the global financial market crisis resulting in a significant reduction in investor-based funding opportunities". Consequently, his company took the decision to focus solely on Greensteam.

Nevertheless, Frater remains optimistic about the future of algae-based biofuels. "Algae-based technologies are probably the main candidates for producing biofuels feedstock for jet fuel applications due to the high yield, quality control and sustainability parameters they offer," he says.
Fri August 13 2010 12:43:21 AM by Luis Droug Frater  |  algae  |  Greensteam 1828 views

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