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BioRemediation with algae Posted by Kumar on Sat August 21 2010 11:40:55 AM 36

Hi friends after 3 months i am back. Now i am doing a research for degrading hydrocarbons a process of breaking heavy crude oil by naturally using algae. Is there anyone having idea about this. I want to grow an algae in sea water on oil spill. Is there any oil eating algae.

Tha OilZapper is a Bioremediation process done by oil eating bacterias. But that process will took a minimum 3 months to maximum 10 years depending upon the oil spills. I need to find out an algae that will consume oil as an energy. Does any one knows Cloning. I have analysed genomes of many algae. we can transcript the gene and we can find out a genetically engineered algae for oil spill.