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Bio-Marine-Robot Fish Posted by Kumar on Sun May 16 2010 02:45:17 AM 28

I am creating a Bionic fish that will works as a server that(50% has completed)

1.Evenly provides micro C02 bubbles,
2.Nourishment for algae,
3.Ph regulation,
4.Contamination checking.
5.Video Camera

The BIONIC Fish is an Bio-Marine-Robot(BMR).
The word Bio-Marine-Robot(BMR is coined by me(Kumar.T)

IT is controlled by wireless.

It can be controlled over internet.

This is highly useful for mass bio-diesel plants.

Equipped with tiny chemical sensors.

Advantages over existing solution:

If we are using tubes for C02 bubbles, it will be in a particular position.

The BMR moves to and fro , up & bottom as a loop. This will gives algae a real growing environment.

Everything is monitored and maintained perfectly.

Now the research in in the power supply phase for BMR.