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New method to enhance algae photosynthesis that increases lipid Posted by Kumar on Thu December 09 2010 07:28:53 AM 58

The photosynthesis is the main functionality of algae. By increasing the photosynthesis we can get more lipid storage from algae. As far as my result the Calvin cycle initial process is very slow.
We need to make the process fast.

As per the research of the calvin's cycle. rubisco enzyme starts the
initial process of photosynthesis by carbon fixation. But due to
oxygenation, and oxygen molecules are binding to rubisco in the similar
as co2 binds. This makes the co2 fixation process very slow. The amazing
thing is we can increase the potential of rubisco by genetics. This
will give more oil ie more than 100 fold what we are getting with the
current algae.

Is there anyone here doing research related to photosynthesis ,genetic engineering, bio-chemistry or micro biology.  Kindly contact me.

Algae Bio-Diesel Posted by Kumar on Thu May 06 2010 03:41:54 PM 1

I am going to prepare 10 ltrs of biodiesel from algae.
I have collected strains.

The steps are:

1. Strain Stock
2. Culture preparation
3. With co2 supply & without co2 supply
4. Variable nitrogen supply
5. Mechanical separation of oil from algae
6. oil to biodiesel convertion

This is a pilot project. I would like call the Indian members to participate in this. I will distribute the data and reports to them. The cost of registration is $ 100.

Email id: kumar@istudiotech.com