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Investment per head 8

Dear Members,

We have to form a 100 members team. Everyone has to invest $100. we can create a complete commercial model.
For enquires kumar@istudiotech.com


1. Genetically re-engineered algae strain
2. low cost and success full PBR design
3. Analysis of strain growth in different cultures
4. Oil extraction from algae
5. Low cost method to convert oil to bio-diesel

for the above mention points we need a huge investment but, if we all invest in the project means we all can gain.

I want to be a men of action not just blah blah...

Members Joined :21

Total Amount Collected: $1200

Tools: 1 PBR
1 Mechanical oil extraction machine
3 Different algae strains

Work in progress:

Genome and 3D structure identification of 3 Major algae strains that is used for bio-diesel.

Chemical properties of the algae strains.

Vital nutrients to grow algae with more lipids.

Complete solution which produces Bio-diesel, Feedstock and chemicals.
Sat May 08 2010 07:57:16 AM by Kumar Investment per head 1436 views

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  • Manohar wrote:
    Thu May 06 2010 09:24:27 AM

    Great idea Kumar !

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  • RaviPrasad wrote:
    Thu May 06 2010 10:34:38 AM

    please kumar tell in more elaborate way i m unable to catch your idea.

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  • 5161440 wrote:
    Thu May 06 2010 12:47:30 PM

    like ur idea man.......

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  • Fri May 07 2010 05:15:16 AM

    We will donate one of our PBRs free of charge.

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  • Manohar wrote:
    Sat May 08 2010 05:00:56 AM

    That is a great start Kumar. Let us get the PBR from algaesolution.
    Our user review can help algaesolution in marketing it.
    Can we get some strains from others who sell strains ?
    what about other tools.
    All those who provide their product, will get free publicity in the club. What do you say Kumar and others.

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  • Manohar wrote:
    Sat May 08 2010 05:04:31 AM

    Let us look at other simple pbrs.
    I am obsessed with a very low cost pbr that can make the masses take up growing algae .
    We have the nos.
    In the urban areas, the women who have spare time can tend to the algae. They can get additional income.
    In the rural areas, nearly 37 % of the people are in Below Poverty Level. They earn less than 0.5 $ per day. They can take up growing algae in their hhs ( house holds) like Aaron Baum model.

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  • Kumar wrote:
    Sat May 08 2010 07:39:20 AM

    Reply to:www.algalsolution.com

    Thanks for your support. Surely we will accept your PBR, you have to sign an MOU with us. From this you can get all the commercial design, data & reports of the complete solution. Already 20 members has joined in our team. Now we are looking for algae strains allover the world.

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  • Kumar wrote:
    Sat May 08 2010 07:41:14 AM

    One person from UK has given a Mechanical Pressing Machine for oil extraction.

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