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Step by step prototype for algae bio-fuel

Dear members,
I have planned to do a prototype of indoor bio-reactor based algae bio-fuel. I need all the members to share and support for the technical informations.
step 1.
Identification of high oil yielding algae strain: ( Post your comments for step 1) 
Wed January 19 2011 11:43:03 AM by Kumar 3 Alage bio-Diesel

New method to enhance algae photosynthesis that increases lipid

The photosynthesis is the main functionality of algae. By increasing the photosynthesis we can get more lipid storage from algae. As far as my result the Calvin cycle initial process is very slow.
We need to make the process fast.

As per the research of the calvin's cycle. rubisco enzyme starts the
initial process of photosynthesis by carbon fixation. But due to
oxygenation, and oxygen molecules are binding to rubisco in the similar
as co2 binds. This makes the co2 fixation process very slow. The amazing
thing is we can increase the potential of rubisco by genetics. This
will give more oil ie more than 100 fold what we are getting with the
current algae.

Is there anyone here doing research related to photosynthesis ,genetic engineering, bio-chemistry or micro biology.  Kindly contact me.

Thu December 09 2010 07:28:53 AM by Kumar 58 Algae Bio-Diesel

BioRemediation with algae

Hi friends after 3 months i am back. Now i am doing a research for degrading hydrocarbons a process of breaking heavy crude oil by naturally using algae. Is there anyone having idea about this. I want to grow an algae in sea water on oil spill. Is there any oil eating algae.

Tha OilZapper is a Bioremediation process done by oil eating bacterias. But that process will took a minimum 3 months to maximum 10 years depending upon the oil spills. I need to find out an algae that will consume oil as an energy. Does any one knows Cloning. I have analysed genomes of many algae. we can transcript the gene and we can find out a genetically engineered algae for oil spill.
Sat August 21 2010 11:40:55 AM by Kumar 36 algae bioremediation

Bio-Marine-Robot Fish

I am creating a Bionic fish that will works as a server that(50% has completed)

1.Evenly provides micro C02 bubbles,
2.Nourishment for algae,
3.Ph regulation,
4.Contamination checking.
5.Video Camera

The BIONIC Fish is an Bio-Marine-Robot(BMR).
The word Bio-Marine-Robot(BMR is coined by me(Kumar.T)

IT is controlled by wireless.

It can be controlled over internet.

This is highly useful for mass bio-diesel plants.

Equipped with tiny chemical sensors.

Advantages over existing solution:

If we are using tubes for C02 bubbles, it will be in a particular position.

The BMR moves to and fro , up & bottom as a loop. This will gives algae a real growing environment.

Everything is monitored and maintained perfectly.

Now the research in in the power supply phase for BMR.
Sun May 16 2010 02:45:17 AM by Kumar 28 BIONIC FISH for Algae

Medicinal uses of seaweed

Sea weeds are packed with goodness and are used to treat:

Thyroid problems
Erectile dysfunction
Respiratory problems
Skin problems
Sun May 09 2010 06:32:41 AM by Kumar 36 Medicinal uses

Algae extract and hair loss

Algae extract is taken from the seaweeds. In many countries, it forms a major part in the staple diet as it contains necessary nutrients. Natural seaweeds are a rich source of iodine, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, vitamin A, B1, B6, B2, C and niacin. Such sea vegetables are used as natural remedies for baldness since they contain amino acids, vitamins and minerals. These nutrients are extremely essential for hair growth and the over-all health of the hair. Some algae extract which are used to fight hair loss are Himanthalia Elongata and Atlantic Kelp. These extracts store anti-oxidants to heal the scalp. Thus, algae extract help in the hair growth by:
Reducing the scalp inflammation caused by bacteria.
Reducing the activities on 5-alpha reductase which is responsible for hair loss.
Healing the damaged scalp.
Providing building blocks for the growth of new hair.
Adding shine and volume to the hair.
Providing the necessary nutrients to the hair.

Some herbal products

Following are the herbal products for hair loss containing algae extract:
Avelon scalp repair shampoo
FNS optimal performance shampoo
Sun May 09 2010 06:30:50 AM by Kumar 11 hair loss

Algae based cosmetic ingredient set to impact anti-aging market

The four active ingredients derived from Algae, and, according to a press release from the company, is said to counteract damage caused by the sun, pollution and premature aging.

The new line should cause yet more competition between large companies to be key players within the thriving anti-ageing market. Companies such as L'Oreal, Procter & Gamble (P&G) and Johnson & Johnson, are leading in the skin care industry in the US and Canada within the anti-ageing segment.
Anti-ageing products tend to focus on skin care, where anti-wrinkle cosmetics are now taking the market by storm. This is due to the growing consumer need by the now ageing baby boomer generation, the prime target for the anti-aging market due to their need for the appearance of youthful skin.

Currently the global anti-aging market is estimated to be worth approximately $50 billion dollars, a figure that is expected to hit $56 billion by 2007 - growth that many analysts believe will continue at break-neck speed in coming years.
Sun May 09 2010 06:27:41 AM by Kumar 31 Cosmetic Algae

NanoMolecular Extraction

A process that allows lipids to be extracted from algae without undue harm to the organisms.

If we get 100% success full result. Surely algae bio-diesel rules the world.

The process doesn't harm the algae like other methods being developed, which helps reduce both production costs and the production cycle. Once the algal oil is extracted, a separate and proven solid catalyst from Catilin will be used to produce ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and EN certified biodiesel.
Sat May 08 2010 09:45:25 AM by Kumar 3 NanoMolecular Extraction

Ultrasonic Oil Extraction

A promising Low cost commercial oil extraction.

I have discussed with a physics professor regarding the ultrasound. I think this method of oil extraction is having good scope and low cost.

Intense sonication of liquids generates sound waves that propagate into the liquid media resulting in alternating high-pressure and low-pressure cycles. During the low-pressure cycle, high-intensity small vacuum bubbles are created in the liquid. When the bubbles attain a certain size, they collapse violently during a high-pressure cycle. This is called cavitation. During the implosion very high pressures and high speed liquid jets are produced locally. The resulting shear forces break the cell structure mechanically and improve material transfer. This effect supports the extraction of lipids from algae.
The table to the right shows typical power requirements for various volume flows. The ultrasonic system is generally integrated inline. The ultrasonication reactor can be easily retrofitted into existing facilities, improving algae extraction.

The application of ultrasonication to the production of biodiesel from algae is not limited to the extraction of oil from algae. Biodiesel is made from algae oil by a chemical conversion process called transesterification. Despite the use of heat, mechanical agitation and catalytic chemicals, this conversion takes approx. 4 to 6 hours. Ultrasonication improves the mixing and increases the chemical reactivity of the reactants. This reduces the time needed for the chemical conversion by up to 90% leading to a whole new perspective on biodiesel making. Instead of pumping from batch to batch, the reactants are mixed continuously and subsequently pumped through a reactor column. A residence time of approx. 1 hour is sufficient for the conversion to complete. A centrifuge separates the glycerin from the biodiesel. After washing and drying of the biodiesel, it is ready to be used. Other benefits include a more complete transesterification of the tri-glyceride molecules, meaning that more oil is actually converted into biodiesel. Also, it requires less alcohol and catalyst - reducing production costs and improving the environmental effect
Sat May 08 2010 09:31:14 AM by Kumar 5 Ultrasonic Oil Extraction

Mechanical Pressing Machine

As per the queries of many users. I have started designing the mechanical pressing. The capacity of the machines are 5Kg, 8kg and 10kg.

Pls contact me at: kumar@istudiotech.com
Sat May 08 2010 03:54:56 AM by Kumar Mechanical Pressing