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Step by step prototype for algae bio-fuel - 11 years ago

Dear members,I have planned to do a prototype of indoor bio-reactor based algae bio-fuel. I need all the members to share and support for the technical informations.step 1.Identification of high oil ...- more

New method to enhance algae photosynthesis that increases lipid - 11 years ago

The photosynthesis is the main functionality of algae. By increasing the photosynthesis we can get more lipid storage from algae. As far as my result the Calvin cycle initial process ...- more

BioRemediation with algae - 11 years ago

Hi friends after 3 months i am back. Now i am doing a research for degrading hydrocarbons a process of breaking heavy crude oil by naturally using algae. Is there ...- more

Bio-Marine-Robot Fish - 11 years ago

I am creating a Bionic fish that will works as a server that(50% has completed) 1.Evenly provides micro C02 bubbles, 2.Nourishment for algae, 3.Ph regulation, 4.Contamination checking. 5.Video Camera The BIONIC Fish is an ...- more

Medicinal uses of seaweed - 11 years ago

Sea weeds are packed with goodness and are used to treat: Thyroid problems Goiter Erectile dysfunction Respiratory problems Skin problems Obesity- more

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