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Is Algae Based Treatment of Leather Industry Waste a Viable Option? 7

Some algae have proved highly effective in removing chromium from tannery effluent. Treatment of tannery effluent can be achieved through a custom-designed high rate algal ponding process to generate and precipitate metal sulphides. Aerobic lagoons are also used for the treatment of tannery effluent. Aerobic lagoons are large, shallow earthen basins used for treatment of wastewater by natural processes involving both algae and bacteria.

The algal species which is pointed out above should be Spirogyra condensata and Rhizoclonium hieroglyphicum which have been employed to remove chromium from tannery effluent. S. condensata to exhibits maximum uptake of about 14 mg Cr (III)/g of algae at optimum pH of 5.0 and R. hieroglyphicum had 11.81 mg of Cr (III)/g of algae at pH of 4.0.

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