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Which Algae Grows Best In Sewage Water, Has Good Doubling Time? 2

When I came across this question on CleanTick,I happened to recollect the different strains which produced a good yield of oil when grown in the presence of sewage water, carbon dioxide and sunlight. But one of the answers posted by an expert from Indian Agricultural Research Institute was interesting. 

Here's the answer I am talking about: 

"The best way will be to isolate algae growing in sewage and domesticate them. Natural acclimatisation is the advantage with these autochthonous algae.

Lift samples from natural sewage ponds/oxidation ponds and if needed raise enrichment cultures or directly plate appropriate dilutions on agar plates containing suitable nutrient medium. Pick isolated algal colonies and make them unialgal by repeated subculturing. The algal isolates can than be tested for growth in medium containing increasing levels of sewage water and ones growing happily at highest levels selected, ideal growth conditions are defined and maintained in the lab on agar slants as well as in broth to serve as mother culture. The culture of the so 'domesticated' alga is scaled up in the laboratory and inoculated in the outdoor seeding ponds and then to the oxidation ponds. " 

Check out more strain suggested at the link - 

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