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Best Tropical Algae Strains For Oil Production - 10 years ago

Thirty microalgal strains were screened in the laboratory for their biomass productivity and lipid content. Four strains (two marine and two freshwater), selected because robust, highly productive and with a ...- more

Is Algae Based Treatment of Leather Industry Waste a Viable Option? - 10 years ago

Some algae have proved highly effective in removing chromium from tannery effluent. Treatment of tannery effluent can be achieved through a custom-designed high rate algal ponding process to generate and ...- more

Which Algae Grows Best In Sewage Water, Has Good Doubling Time? - 10 years ago

When I came across this question on CleanTick,I happened to recollect the different strains which produced a good yield of oil when grown in the presence of sewage water, carbon ...- more

Are there any fast growing benthic algae with high oil content? - 10 years ago

Most benthic freshwater habitats are blue-green algae (Cyanophyta), green algae (Chlorophyta), diatoms (Bacillariophyta), or red algae (Rhodophyta). However, most other divisions of algae can occur in freshwater benthic habitats. The ...- more

Which is the Best Method For Algae Oil - Hexane Solvent Extraction Or Expellers? - 10 years ago

"Solvent extraction by hexane is the most common choice for extraction of oil/lipids from algae. However, hexane is not the best choice of solvent for algae oil extraction because of ...- more

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