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Algae biofuel costing - Questionable ?!? Posted by Jacintha on Wed November 03 2010 10:51:21 PM 89

Energy Biosciences Institute  in partnership with BP, the University of California, Berkeley; the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; and the University of Illinois have arrived at an estimate for algae biofuel production.

It is
The estimated capital costs for a 250-acre biofuel production system emphasising oil production were about $21 million, with annual operating costs at around $1.5 million, to produce about 12,300 barrels of oil, giving a break-even price per barrel of oil of $330 (based on an 8 percent capital charge).
 Increasing the scale of the system to 1,000 acres reduced the break-even price to about $240 per barrel.

I thought some of the figures our FOA ( ie Friends of Algae) and oilgae club members were quoting  making algae biofuels were way too less as compared to  $ 240 per barrel. 

* Do we have a proven model of producing algae biofuel using a PBR ? 
* How much does it cost ? 
The numbers quoted by our members made me believe that Open ponds are out and PBR is the way to go? 
* Are the numbers quoted by Energy  Biosciences Institute questionable or the numbers quoted by our members questionable ?