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Algae oil a Pipe dream? Posted by Jacintha on Sat October 09 2010 08:21:47 AM

 Two researchers from Wageningen University and Research Center in the Netherlands outlined the resources needed to make algal biodiesel economically feasible in European markets within a decade.

According to the authors' calculations on fuel consumption in Europe, almost 2.3 billion gallons of biodiesel will need to be replaced. To supply the European market, algae yields would need to be over 4,400 gallons of fuel per acre each year. 

The target of 4,400 gallons per acre is right in the range of what some algae players claim to be producing today. Companies like Algenol, Solix, Solazyme and OriginOil say they are making ? or on the road to making ? between 2,000 and 5,000 gallons of fuel per acre.

 But even with all the other revenue streams that come from selling algae cake, algae biofuels still cost between $6 and $35 per gallon.

The news has been mixed about algae.

A lot of money is being poured into algae  rearch;the fossil fuel giantsare also exploring this route.

  We have to wait and see.