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MBD OriginOil Enter Partnership

Australia?s MBD Energy  becomes OriginOil?s  first geographical partner and the partnership  looks  forward to many years of mutual growth in the fast-moving field of CO2 capture using algae.

 They share  a joint quest to commercialise industrial-scale algae production.

MBD Energy is regarded as an international leader in the use of captured flue-gases as feedstock to produce algal biomass.

OriginOil  has the breakthrough technology for converting algae biomass into fuel;

Both OriginOil and MBD plan to work  very closely on large-scale algae systems to absorb the CO2 from coal-fired power plants and other major greenhouse-gas emitters.

Mon October 11 2010 08:21:24 AM by Jacintha 1377 views
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