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An article in the New York Times on Craig Venter has this to say,?Dr. Venter plans to create living creatures ,bacteria, algae, even plants designed from the DNA on up to carry out industrial tasks and displace the fuels and chemicals that are now made from fossil fuels.?

?Designing and building synthetic cells will be the basis of a new industrial revolution,? Dr. Venter says. The goal is to replace the entire petrochemical industry.

Dr. Venter says his company will use more limited genetic engineering for its first algae-based biofuels.

To read more of this article:?http://www.nytimes.com/2010/09/05/business/05venter.html?src=busln

Thu September 09 2010 09:56:36 AM by Jacintha Craig venter  |  Dr venter  |  algae based biofuels 1514 views

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  • Oceanfront wrote:
    Thu September 09 2010 02:24:05 PM

    "...plans to create living creatures..."

    I guess there's not enough information to be afraid yet, but this is where the horror movies start playing in peoples' minds. People like me.

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