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Hakaru Company Profile

Comapany Name :AlgOil Industries
Comapany Website :http://www.algoilindustries.com
About Company :Algoil Industries are paving the way for consumable sources of bio-fuel which provide alternative sources of energy as a substitute to the depleting resources of the Earth's natural fossil fuels.

The company uses advanced bio-technology to extract the benefits acquired through extensive and specialist research practices. The result is a cleaner, eco-friendly and sustainable way of powering our lives for the future, by creating a cost effective replacement for petroleum oil.
Contact Us :AlgOil Industries
45 Industrial W-5 Road
Chang-Bin Industrial Park
Lu-Kang Town
Chang-Hua Hsien

Tel : (+886) 2 6601 2021
Fax : (+886) 2 6601 2021

Website : www.algoilindustries.com
Our Logo :