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Bottlenecks, Trafficblocks and Deadends. 1

Algae industry is believed to be maturing. Numerous breakthrough developments are reported during recent past. And funds are streaming down into the industry. But majority of those innovations and supports are biomass process centered. Feedstock development is not getting enough attention. Today, algae biomass yield is at two extremes. one is a real 20-25 mt biomass per acre per annum while another is a highly blown up 200,000 metric ton perannum per acre claim. In fact, algae biology permits a much higher yield than the above lower extreme. But the nature of the NATURE doesn't permit the upper extreme, at least with our current materials and methods.

When it comes to algae yeild improvement, we usually complain about 'bottlenecks, trafficblocks and deadends'. Discussions in forums like this are usually superficial. Its mostly reproduction or cut and paste of published material. Perhaps, innovators and original authors seldom participate in forums and blogs.

Blown up baloons will burst under summer sun. We need to go real miles before we go green.

Everyone will agree that biomass yield can be improved several folds over current yields, if the so called bottlenecks are successfully addressed.

I would like to revisit those trafficblocks with a patent pending technology over the coming weeks on this forum, if there is serious interest. I expect honest comments and criticism from those who are serious.

Tue May 17 2011 06:14:13 PM by Gopinelli 2241 views
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