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By Clean, how clean do we mean? 1

In one of the most destructive natural disasters of recent history, powerful tsunami waves slammed into northeastern Japan devastating dozens of cities and killing thousands. As tsunami waves settles, panic broke in, with an explosion in one of the reactors in Fukushima Nuclear power plant. Today’s headlines say thousands of nuclear evacuees wonder if they'll ever see home again. Heat is building up in yet another reactor that might explode any time. And evacuation keeps going.


A strong and determined Japan, from the ashes of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, has emerged as one of the strongest nations in a relatively short span of time. It might take decades to heal the wounds but the nation will recover sooner. And we, from the bottom of our hearts, wish they do.


Now, I think, is the right time to revisit our clean energy efforts. Nuclear energy advocates force us believe it is rather safer source of energy. Yes, it doesn’t emit as much carbon dioxide or other flue gases as conventional energy sources do. It only explodes. Chernobyl is still live in our memories.


Those who are to ‘clean’ coal and other fossils offer us geological and ocean sequestration of carbon dioxide. Yes, it is possible to pump carbon dioxide into geological and ocean formations and believe it stays there for ever or at least for a thousand years.


Let’s forget the economics of nuclear power or carbon sequestration since technologies might emerge to make them economic.


But are they solutions? Will carbon sequestration and nuclear plants withstand such destructive earth quakes or other natural disasters?  or are we going to dig the graves for future generation?


Last three days again remind us of a politics lead by capital interests.


Today, our clean energy efforts are focused on various alternative and renewable energy sources and also energy efficiency, Billions of research dollars are flowing into these researches.

But, are we in the right direction? I strongly suspect.


Out of all alternative fuel sources, algae is the most applauded one. But, what is the state of research in this domain? Is there something that draws back? The tragedy began with Aquatic Species Program. Once algae was identified as a potential source of alternative liquid fuel, the project was starved of funds. Finally, the project was rolled out, though they term it ‘close out’. Since then, what happened to the research? If you compare algae research with researches in other areas of science, you will see that algae research is quite a low profile one. a vehicle designed by man more than 3 decades is still exploring deep space and sending signals to control stations on earth. Why do we cry for scaling up of bioreactors and shading of algae cells in the second decade of 21st century? Don’t we have enough geniuses to sort out such simple issues?

For electricity generation, we have many clean technologies available. But, none has potential as a total replacement to fossils. Bur we do not care much for what keeps us on earth or what keeps the earth in its relative position to other celestial objects. I am talking about gravity- the omnipresent form of force. You may read tons of information on gravity, but you will not understand what is gravity. Physicists say, it is not energy- it is only a form of force. Many people believed, and still believe, that force of gravity can be used to generate useful energy. But science objects this concept since such a situation will violate basic principles of physics. The world of science is so united on this issue that no research is promoted on free energy including gravity harness and major patent offices do not allow free energy and perpetual motion claims. But thousands of enthusiasts continue researching it and few claim success. Many believe such technologies are suppressed or prohibited, while some others suspect existence of a ‘free energy conspiracy’.


I have two projects, one on algae commercialization and one on gravity power harness. I have pending US patents on both. But I am sure I have miles to go getting the claims on gravity harness allowed.

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  • Plumber wrote:
    Tue March 15 2011 08:44:06 PM

    Bio fule is the best hope we have. There is no other clean. Plus it puts americans to work along with other countrys.

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