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http://www.algaeindustrymagazine.com/tag/nanobiotechnology/ - 11 years ago

blue light scatter for faster growth in PBR, experimental- more

CO@-Algae-Methane - 11 years ago

Likes this blog post http://www.ecoseed.org/en/general-green-news/greentech-news/emerging-technologies/7380- more

FOUR - 11 years ago

Anyone interested in setting up a pilot plant in Augusta, then lets talk further. To my friends that want to market introduce their PBR, then one here on a small ...- more

Number Three - 11 years ago

In plant breeding introduction of sterility (polypoid) is one way to achieve the desired results of say a bigger flower or longer lasting flowering period. This genetic induction can ...- more

Number 2 - 11 years ago

Re the PBR's nutrient levels. If adequate space and other essentials are provided, then by adding nutients, basically Carbon-proteins such as cricket manure teas is production increased or enhanced or ...- more

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