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Quest and craze on algae but why has it not been commercialized yet?

I happened to come across an article where the commercialization of algae based fuels is under question. Despite the availability of algal strains, waste water and machinery, what are the constraints in commercialiing algae? The answer to which I understand is in getting the right algal strains, low energy harvesting processes and COST/ economics involved in a large scale production.

"On average so far algae production at the end of the process comes up with the ratio of water used to dry weight algae biomass of 1 to 0.01. With the amount of high energy usage during harvesting, you just cannot go commercial. The cost of adding phosphorous and nitrogen as well as concentrated CO2 throughout the algae growth would be enormous on a commercial scale. These are some of the most important factors preventing the move to commercial scale.

It seems so far no one has come up with a solution to these issues so the quest and craze on algae as a renewable energy source and other by products goes on. It is a long way off from providing the quantities of fuel to satisfy the current global demandeds at 1:0.01 ratio

The amount of energy produced from all biomass currently is about 1% or less of the total global energy usage."

Read at - http://www.cleantick.com/questions/q/why-not-commercial-yet#!members_likes/0/ 

Thu September 22 2011 06:50:22 AM by GayatriShankar 1123 views
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