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Algae Production Incubator starting

Algae Production Incubator - New Algae Farm Cooperative starting Oct. 1, 2010
Acreage and Services available to Qualified Algaepreneurs

For information: http://nationalalgaeassociation.com

Sun September 26 2010 11:32:05 PM by FatAlgae

Algae Production Certification Course was very informative

I attended a packed house of algaepreneurs for the algae production certification course given by the National Algae Association last week. It was extremely informative and the instructors were great! Even though research will continue, algaepreneurs are united in building out commercial-scale algae production plants throughout the US using all off-the-shelf existing proven technologies. Algae patents and IP have no value today unless you have commercial-scale algae production.
Thu May 06 2010 03:37:41 PM by FatAlgae 5