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We are currently working on a design of a photo reactor system and as part of the design which wish to pump microalgae rich medium from one tank to another. We are currently looking for the right type of pump that can achieve our aim without damaging the algae. So far we have been told by suppliers that their pumps will kill the algae during the pumping process. We would appreciate any advice on the type of pumps that can be used for this process without damaging the algae
Fri July 16 2010 09:06:32 AM by FNQAlgae 2067 views

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  • Larsyn wrote:
    Fri July 16 2010 04:58:47 PM

    Use a venturi system or move it with air. My simple backyard pbr uses air to raise the algae thru the reactor.

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  • FNQAlgae wrote:
    Fri July 16 2010 11:50:31 PM

    Thank you Larsyn for your suggestion.

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  • Sat July 17 2010 08:14:27 AM

    Try using gravity and suction.

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  • FNQAlgae wrote:
    Sun July 18 2010 06:02:59 AM

    Part of what we are investigating is a cascade system through a series of tanks using gravity and then recycling from the last tank back to the first by pumping

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