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Use of Natural Light Tube 4

We are currently looking at methods of providing natural lighting internally into a growing tank using a solar collector and lighting rods inserted into the tank. We are looking at rotating the rods in the tank. Has anybody any experience in the growing of algae in an enclosed tank where light intensity can vary from full light through to shade over a period of time
Thu May 06 2010 12:28:26 PM by FNQAlgae 1474 views

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  • Narsi wrote:
    Thu May 06 2010 03:11:26 PM

    Wasn't there a company in the US as well which was trying with using rods to transmit the light deep into the water? I forget the name, but you might want to check with them on how they are progressing perhaps?

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  • Fri May 07 2010 05:19:42 AM

    Why worry about an unreliable sun. Artificial light can be applied to 300 litres 24/7 for 13 pence per day.

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  • FNQAlgae wrote:
    Fri May 07 2010 12:08:09 PM

    Algalsolution - The reason we wish to use natural sunlight is because we are looking at remote sites where we do not have mains power. Each installation will have a power source which will most likely be a combination of solar and wind power. This power will be used to power pumps and control equipment and we maynot have sufficient to also provide lighting internally to the tank.

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  • AlgaeNova wrote:
    Sun June 27 2010 05:44:36 PM

    As long as you are not in arctic regions, where there is no light at all during winter month, - don`t bother about additional light for algae growing. All you achieve with artificial light sources in or around tanks is, that the algae tries to orientate itself towards the light. As it is in nature the stronger will get all the light and than it is just like in the good old song about Mac the Knive:

    "And some are in the darkness
    And the others in the light
    But you only see those in the light
    Those in the darkness you don't see"

    - and they won`t grow that much either.
    Believe me, - we have tried it.........
    (see the articel about light management).
    Good mixing and possibly constant, warm temperatures and adequate nutrition are much more importand than exagerated light shows.

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