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Soundwaves shake biofuel from Algae ! Posted by Eugenia on Tue August 31 2010 12:39:19 AM 28

The Los Alamos National Laboratory innovators were recognized for distinguished patents, licenses and copyrights !

The ultrasonic biofuel harvester, developed by Greg Goddard of the Lab?s bioscience division, uses extremely high frequency sound waves to harvest and extract oils and proteins from algae, separating out and recycling the water, all in one integrated system.
 No other technology uses a single method to capture all three valuable components of algae.
The ultrasonic harvester is a low-cost, environmentally green, energy-efficient process for using algae as a fuel and feed source. 
It can make algal biofuels more cost-competitive with current fuels and make them more available. The technology eliminates the traditional use of solvents to extract agal oils, and the associated risks to both humans and the environment.
 Algal carbohydrates can be used to produce both ethanol or methane and the proteins can be used to feed cattle, poultry, and fish.