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Project using Algae gets $ .9 m grant 3

Biodiesel Industries (BI) builds, owns and operates biodiesel production facilities based upon patented and proprietary technology developed over the past 16 years.

BI claims that it has developed biodiesel production facilities in Australia, California,Colorado, Nevada and Texas, and has conducted feedstock and production feasibility studies for clients worldwide. It has also done some work on jatropha for the Indian Gov.

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Biodiesel Industries ?ARIES? Bioenergy Project? is a multi-year project using algae to produce biodiesel in an integrated energy system monitored by the ARIES platform.


ARIES, which stands for Automated Real-time, Remote, Integrated Energy System, was developed with Aerojet to incorporate advanced automation control capabilities:

ARIES? is a highly automated, transportable biodiesel production unit with the capability to be controlled from a remote location. These features ensure reliable process control and optimal production yields in a sustainable system that can be readily and widely deployed. Under this grant, the system will be adapted to fully integrate algaculture, anaerobic digestion of waste products and self-generated combined heat and power. This unique approach will enable the production of biodiesel to be self-sustainable, produce excess renewable energy and substantially reduce greenhouse gases.

The work will be done at Naval Base Ventura County at Port Hueneme, California.

Biofuel industries have done some work with Government of India on Jatropha.


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  • Arden wrote:
    Thu August 26 2010 04:41:49 AM

    Am not sure what Aries and or BI is doing - but must be good enough to have been in business for 16 years having contracts with several countries and getting a Gov grant of nearly a million.
    Interested in knowing more.
    Their website wasnt very informative for me.

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