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growing Haematococcus pulvialis 33

I am growing Haematococcus pulvialis specially for astaxanthin product. What i noticed is the growth is slow and i able to get small number of cell per ml. I am trying to use the standard and optimized culture medium. If any one of you have such experiance (you have indeed) please shear me ideas and knowldge
Fri August 06 2010 07:37:10 AM by Eshetu 2725 views

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  • Abomohra wrote:
    Fri August 06 2010 09:52:30 AM

    Dear Eshetu,

    I have the same problem with the growth of Haematococcus. I cultivate it to test its lipid production. I hope to find the way to get more growth.

    Have a nice weekend

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