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Which type of algae is best for extracting omega-3/DHA oils for health? 3

I am curious as to what type of algae is used for extracting omega-3 fatty acids that are sold as alternative health supplements to fish oil. Could the type of algae used for health supplements also be used for fuel production?
Mon May 17 2010 12:33:51 AM by DustinMattison omega 3  |  DHA 2197 views

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  • Rolivier79 wrote:
    Wed August 18 2010 05:05:30 AM

    Great Question??? Anybody know a great resource. I found one text... http://www.irishscientist.ie/GITIF114.htm which suggest Bacillariophyta, Dinophyta, Chlorophyta.

    I'm just quoting. I know nothing about algae.

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  • Oranges wrote:
    Fri September 21 2012 03:33:38 AM

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