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CCN Algae Project Launch in South Africa 27

Greetings all,
Cuycha Innovations and CircleLink Holdings are launching CCN (carbon capture and neutralization) & Algae project in South Africa next week.
There are 3 natural carbon sinks; our combine system uses two of the 3. 1) Rock weathering together with 2) good old algae. This ground breaking Finnish internationally patented technology uses the most common mineral - Feldspar that converts CO2 to bicarbonates, PBR's work in tandem to effectively neutralize CO2, compared to CCS, it is leagues ahead, solving the problem naturally without future CO2 storage issues cropping up for our younger generations to rectify.

The next edition of the “Carbon Capture Journal has a feature article regarding CCN & Algae Project in South Africa.


Tue March 15 2011 05:58:05 AM by DominicPawinski 2203 views
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