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CCN Algae Project Launch in South Africa

Greetings all,

Cuycha Innovations and CircleLink Holdings are launching CCN (carbon capture
and neutralization) & Algae project in South Africa next week.

There are 3 natural carbon sinks; our combine system uses two of the 3. 1) Rock
weathering together with 2) good old algae. This ground breaking Finnish
internationally patented technology uses the most common mineral - Feldspar
that converts CO2 to bicarbonates, PBR's work in tandem to effectively
neutralize CO2, compared to CCS, it is leagues ahead, solving the problem
naturally without future CO2 storage issues cropping up for our younger
generations to rectify.

The next edition of the “Carbon Capture Journal has a
feature article regarding CCN & Algae Project in South Africa.


Tue March 15 2011 05:58:05 AM by DominicPawinski 27

Wild Algae Harvesting

Thanks to Oilgae and it's community --I have been able to circumvent a major expense in my design for harvesting wild algae with a barge / pontoon that scoops 5 to 10 cm of the water surface collecting algae @ an average of 3 grams per litre (dry grams). Algae Venture Systems has developed a excellent system that negates the need of centrifugal spinners, a huge cost saving in equipment costs and energy requirements. Over the next few months after securing the equipment and it's arrival in South Africa trials will be under taken. Currently there is an abundant supply of wild algae available for commercial scale use. For instance the huge 100 km2 algal bloom off the cost of china. I've spent 4 years researching this avenue for commercial scale algal bio-fuels.

Dominic Pawinski
Sun June 27 2010 02:05:58 PM by DominicPawinski 2