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NextGen Fuels 2010-Summit 1

Hi all,
here is one more step towards success.
NextGenFuels 2010? is the 5th global summit organized by Growdiesel. Over 5000 delegates,
experts & speakers from 25 countries around the world have attended highly acclaimed Growdiesel
events to date. NextGenFuels 2010 shall be covering futuristic biofuels like Drop in fuels, algae
biofuels, Synfuels, Green Diesel, Biobutanol, biofuels from biomass, biofuels from all types of
wastes including city/farm waste, Cellulosic Ethanol etc. NextGenFuels 2010 shall also include a
special session on fuels from artificial photosynthesis. NextGenFuels 2010 will discuss the entire spectrum of innovative 2nd, 3rd & 4th generation fuel pathways and conversion technologies that are
under development and promise to soon become a commercial reality.
Growdiesel Climate Care Council is a non-profit, non-commercial organization dedicated to the
cause of climate care through prevention of Global Warming.

have a look at website:
Mon June 21 2010 04:44:05 AM by Dipalgae 1578 views

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