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Algae Extraction advice 3

Hello to all you oilgae enthusiasts, I am an undergrad and doing a research project on a photobioreactor using recycled material. So far the photobioreactor has been assembled using a 3.8L water jug filled with pure water and an aerator. Me and my research partner found some local algae along the ocean edge on the North Shore in Massachusetts. Hopefully our green algae will begin to blossom and when it does we are looking to extract the oil for fuel. We have some lab equipment at our disposal and were thinking of using a Soxhlet extractor to obtain the oil. What do you think? Any other ideas and what can be done with the rest of biomass? 

Wed October 13 2010 11:21:44 PM by DT1984 1653 views

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  • Aishwarya wrote:
    Thu October 14 2010 07:47:37 AM

    i think to start with, you can try Bligh and Dyer method using chloroform-methanol for lipid extraction.

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  • DT1984 wrote:
    Sat October 16 2010 02:27:04 PM

    Will do thanks for the input

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  • Tonyparati wrote:
    Thu October 21 2010 08:00:25 PM

    is it possible to harvest the algae that grows
    in my old pool for fuel? If so how do I go about doing so?

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