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Extraction of lipids from Algae 7

I am trying to know the lipid content in our algae culture in some batch tests we are currently runnning. We are working with culture volumens of 100ml and we have got an algae dry mass concetration of 1-2g/L. In order to extract the lipids we are using using dried algal pellets (at 105?C) which we dissolve in chloroform : methanol (2:1), sonicate, and centrifuge; but we are not able to get the lipids extracted (we don?t get a good settling of the algae pellet after solvent extraction). Does anybody know another procedure we could use? Thank you!!!!
Fri June 04 2010 03:11:42 PM by CristinaDuran lipids  |  algae  |  extraction 2888 views

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  • Abomohra wrote:
    Fri June 04 2010 04:23:47 PM

    Do you need to determine the overall weight of lipids or to fatty acids fractions by GC? I think that you measure lipids geometrically, Isn't it?

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  • Fri June 04 2010 06:43:35 PM

    Try botryococcus Braunii

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  • Indresh wrote:
    Sat June 05 2010 10:32:40 AM

    Extraction with sovent gives generally total lipids. as Abomohra says, that, if you are looking for total lipid go by gravimetrically and if fatty acids then do the GC-MS analysis. you will come to know which fatty acid you have. and check your species's lipid content in literature in general, then you will have some idea

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  • Minakshi wrote:
    Mon June 07 2010 04:17:23 AM

    As algal solution wrote, you need to mention which algal strain you are using. The one which you are using may have less lipid content and thus can not be extracted by chlotoform methoanol. Try gravimetry or GC-MS.

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  • Mon June 07 2010 04:04:55 PM

    We are using Chlorella prothotecoides. The crude lipid content we have found in bibliography goes up to 55%. We will try gravimetry or GC-MS as you proposed anyway. Thank you very much!

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  • Bandi wrote:
    Sat June 12 2010 03:09:53 PM

    why don't you try with conventional solvent hexane?

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