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Algae extraction technology by Origin Oil Posted by Arden on Fri January 14 2011 05:45:39 AM

Algae extraction technology by Origin Oil

Riggs Eckelberry, OriginOil CEO, says "No one company is going to do it all, and that's why we have decided to focus on extraction, a highly specialized technology that we can embed in algae production systems worldwide."


They are wanting to commercialise their products.


OriginOil has developed three extraction processes: Single Step Extraction, Live Extraction and the Hydrogen Harvester.



The Hydrogen Harvester is OriginOil's most recent development. It is a continuous, passive extraction system for removing hydrogen gas from algae. It is also at the prototype stage and further developments are expected in 2011.

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Link : http://www.istockanalyst.com/article/viewiStockNews/articleid/4803960