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Indian Algae company JV with a German company ! 9

Beckons Industries is a reverse merged company and thought to be a stock market play, till recently.
Some of the announcements made by the company appears to be correcting that image.

However, I am not able to get much from the internet about the company Deutsche Gesellschafr Technische Zusammenarbeit GmbH .
To the best of my efforts the German company doesnt seem like an expert in algae technology.

Beckons claims that it has a PBR technology which is 125 times more efficient. One wonders " 125 times than what "

Beckons claims that it has tied up with several companies in South East Asia for technology transfer.

To me the entire PR exercise sounds like a stock market oriented news dissemination.

You can read the actual news here.

BSE-listed Beckons Industries, engaged in production of biodiesel, has entered into an agreement with Germany-based Deutsche Gesellschafr Technische Zusammenarbeit GmbH to set up a facility to produce algae and a Centre of Excellence in India.

The plant will have a production capacity of 2,400 tonnes a year of algae (the feedstock for biodiesel) dry mass that will sequester about 4,000 tonnes of CO2.

?The joint efforts will be towards scale-up, monitoring, measurements and rectification of minor deficiencies and will also offer a complete commercial process in the conversion of high lipid content algae to algae oil and algae biomass,? the company said in a press release.


Beckons is into development of PBR Algae Technology for large-scale commercial production of algae as feedstock for biodiesel.

The company plans to invest Rs 620 crore over five years.

It is in talks with power producers such as Adani and Tata for the sale of the PBR technology, which is similar to Fermenter which uses light energy as a source instead of carbohydrates as a medium.

Beckons recently signed agreements with Hong Kong-based Jilani International for transfer of its Algae technology to South Asian countries such as China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore.
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