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Production of Biodiesel from Algea in my pond! 4

I have a rather large pond at the bottom of my garden that is full of algea, can I harvest this algea to make diesel to run my car on? 
Fri March 18 2011 02:21:59 PM by AndyCrow 1916 views

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  • Haynes wrote:
    Sun June 05 2011 05:15:50 PM

    If I were in your position, I'd try this. Pump the pond water across an inclined window screen over the pond. When you've got a screen full, remove it from the flow to sun dry. Note the weight of the dried algae mass, then feed it through a (nut or seed) oil extractor. Measure the volume of oil, then filter it through a coffee filter. Check exiting diesel filters for particulates. Mix your oil 50:50 with dino to begin with just to be cautious. And let us know your results!

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