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Algae Based CO? Capture at Power Plants Posted by AlgaeNova on Fri June 25 2010 11:09:02 AM 3

Algae Based CO? Capture at Power Plants

In one of the last OILGAE-Newsletters this technology has been presented and the engagement of RWE ? an energy provider here in Germany, was described.
Among other things it was given the following impression:

?However, there are some specific operational problems as well, which could result in significant inefficiencies. For instance, high CO2 concentrations could cause the algae suspension to become acidic, thereby stunting algae growth.?

Well observed and a problem that is being taken care off. For ?normal? use of CO2 with a simple washing to reduce the sulphur content until the supply of clean CO2 (delivered through the technical gas supplier LINDE:


the whole spectra of flue gas supply for our PBR`s has been tested and are in use for different algae biomass production. Very favourable system integration has been achieved in connection with bio gas plants.
Here a short presentation from RWE:

?Take a look at the RWE climate protection research project it's a facility that's in a class of one:?

Or find a demonstration video on our BOX.net account: https://www.box.net/shared/hvem3qlxd2

Helpful for all of you interested in algae ? CO2 storage might be this link as well:

Selection of optimal micro algae species for CO2 sequestration