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Triggered by the post: "The Linux model...."  I will participate with a short overview the way we at Algae Nova are handling this wonderful possibility to use algae sensible.
Again this is a digest of our groups strategy and our mission and our visions. for the future.
For all those who are intersted in getting some views how to use algae in this sence it might be informative, - I hope.......


The positive constitutional effect of algae on vertebrates is already well known. The reasons for this health-stimulating effects of micro-algae are to be seen in the biological combination, the complexity and synergy of the active natural substances. Vitamins, fatty acids and minerals stabilize the metabolism and cardiovascular system, antioxidant complexes prevent cell damages from free radicals. Dietary fibre, roughage, - like polysaccharide (Polysaccharides are polymeric carbohydrat structures) stimulate the immune defence. Aqueous, ethanolic extracts are creating a resistance against tumor and other mutagenic disorders.

With chickens i.e. an admixture of chlorella algae raised the phagozytical activity (Phagocytosis is involved in the acquisition of nutrients for some cells). Feeding pigs with algae biomass brought a reduction of the cholesterol level and the accession of monocytes (white blood cells), thus increasing unspecific immunity and improving the stress capacity.

In addition to all this an improvement of the meat quality regarding the colour and the water bonding ability was achieved.

Feeding fish with algae resulted in faster growth and better feed utilisation and a better physiological state, better protein assimilation and improved metabolism, better stress capacity and convalescence. 

With feedings to rabbit and laying hens in certificated breeding companies positive effects on this animals could be proven. With laying hens it was determined that _ the supply of 1% of alga mass in the regular feed raised the egg laying rate.

Instead of 37 eggs per 100 chickens in the control group the chickens fed with algae laid 61 eggs. At the same time the bowl stability increased what led to a reduced number in crease eggs.

A company in Brandenburg named Aquaflor is using algae substrates for cosmetics, food (noodles, chips) and nutrition products for diets and well-being in general.

For all this reasons the company will appear on the market with an algae mass production, with the aim to serve chosen buyers  with algae biomasses for animal feed applications in general and for fish feed especially. Fish feed we will need for the re-naturalisation project of the adjoining artificial lake district in combination with an aqua farming project directly. So right from the start core business will be to fulfil a secured contract of 2000 t of alga dry mass at a fixed kilo price. The buyer of these lot takes the algae biomass as it is and stands for the refinement alone. By doing this an achieved turnover of 22 Mio. ? is protected for the refinancing of the invests and it will already raise the companies business economics into the profit zone.

For further business, negotiations take place with the animal feed manufacturers Zschornack and Aqua Aller from Denmark. Here  we received clear signals to purchase biomass as well as other valuable materials from algae. The company Aqua Aller even considers a research participation in the project , with the subject "Water plant production". Both momentary business partner are limited in decision benefits because of the current legislation of the animal feed order in Germany. But these provisions are going to be altered in accordance with the possibilities theses new aqua farming technologies are offering.

There are other food production companies in the area Saxony that are using algae as food supplement in their products. The company -NEUKIRCHNER ZWIEBACK- (Zwieback is a German type of -short bread- and quite popular) in Chemnitz uses already algae in some of their products, but have some annoying experience with algae biomasses from overseas open pond systems that did influence the products towards a somewhat ?fishy? taste. Samples from Micro algae breed in bioreactors have convinced the company that this is not the case with algae from a controlled production.

Now already, with this few customers would the production capacity of 2000 to/y be exhausted. Even though negotiations with other potential clients are going on. The experience to be gained with this already proven reactor system is the mass production and the production on demand for a steady growing market asking top quality base products. Open pond systems can never compete in quality with the closed bioreactor system, neither in growth rate of the algae species. Just one bird flying over an open pond leaving his droplets behind can pollute the entire pond. And there are other species, micro-organism and daphnia too that are not to be separated from the biomasses when harvested. In the Spirulina biomasses from a big company on Hawaii operating huge pond systems even cadmium was found.

Simultaneously with our modest entrance into algae production we will still have the aim to gradually enlarge our product range and to co-operate on a national , as well as international level.

  • Food supplement means / functional food
  • Feed additions
  • Cosmetics / wellness.
  • Living feed production
  • pure biomass production
  • hydrogen production

Participation with the network ?Angewandte Bioproduktion Lausitz? (Applied bio production Lausitz) will result in finding other producers and in connection with this task even create some new products.

Dietary supplement (health-supporting food with microalgae)

  • Bread, noodles
  • Bread rolls
  • Waffles, rusk, biscuits
  • Yoghurt
  • Raw material delivery for pasta
  • Snacks, muesli bolt
  • Beer

Special feed with microalgae (feed additions)

  • special feed mixture for chick and young hens
  • special feed mixture for drawer
  • special feed mixture for maturing fish
  • special feed mixture for domestic animals (pet-food)
  • special feed mixture for koi carp and other special directions
  • high carotinoid mixture for certain zoo animals

Cosmetics / wellness

The concrete regional and national problem definitions for it are being discussed and compiled by the members of the network of ?Applied bioproduction Lausitz? in their teams:

1. production of microalgae in photo biology reactors and their deployment

2. deployment of microalgae in the food and cosmetic industry

Application tests in medical equipment with microalgae

  • flushing tests of mercury (amalgam) with Chlorella vulgaris
  • application tests with Spirulina platensis to patient (immune weakness) for the rise of the immune defence.
  • AA

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  • Wed September 15 2010 01:19:41 PM

    Food first. Fuel next.
    NO doubt about it.

    If the 2000 t/ y is produced using your company's PBRs, how much does the algae cost.

    Can we see the costing ?

    I am very much impressed with the depth of knowledge you have on this industry Andres !
    I am sure most other members also are impressed !

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  • Mahesh wrote:
    Wed September 15 2010 02:29:00 PM

    I'm into production and commercial selling of spirulina... Nature's best food --by UN,WHO

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  • Larsyn wrote:
    Wed September 15 2010 02:34:35 PM

    1 Does the quality of your algae change with the change in growing media?
    2. Can you build a relationship with the animaql customers to also use there waste?
    3.Could only certain formulas be usede to produce food products.

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  • Mahesh wrote:
    Thu September 16 2010 04:36:49 AM

    1) yes..
    2)ya, to some extent.
    3)The practice so far is like that, but it is not mandatory ..

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  • Manohar wrote:
    Thu September 16 2010 05:23:26 AM

    Congrats Mahesh !
    Best wishes !

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  • Aathmika wrote:
    Sat October 09 2010 04:40:13 AM

    Wow.You have given a huge picture

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