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Algae Based CO? Capture at Power Plants 3

Algae Based CO? Capture at Power Plants

In one of the last OILGAE-Newsletters this technology has been presented and the engagement of RWE ? an energy provider here in Germany, was described.
Among other things it was given the following impression:

?However, there are some specific operational problems as well, which could result in significant inefficiencies. For instance, high CO2 concentrations could cause the algae suspension to become acidic, thereby stunting algae growth.?

Well observed and a problem that is being taken care off. For ?normal? use of CO2 with a simple washing to reduce the sulphur content until the supply of clean CO2 (delivered through the technical gas supplier LINDE:


the whole spectra of flue gas supply for our PBR`s has been tested and are in use for different algae biomass production. Very favourable system integration has been achieved in connection with bio gas plants.
Here a short presentation from RWE:

?Take a look at the RWE climate protection research project it's a facility that's in a class of one:?

Or find a demonstration video on our BOX.net account: https://www.box.net/shared/hvem3qlxd2

Helpful for all of you interested in algae ? CO2 storage might be this link as well:

Selection of optimal micro algae species for CO2 sequestration
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  • Shankar wrote:
    Sat June 26 2010 01:50:01 AM

    Thanks Scharbeutz !

    CO2 from large (e.g. coal) fossil fuel power plants would require tens of thousands of hectares of
    algae ponds in close proximity to such plants.

    Flue gas transport for any distance is impractical
    and would be cost-limiting for even adjacent pond systems larger than a few thousand hectares.

    Suitably large land and water resources are generally not available at most large power plants.
    Concentrating CO2 from flue gases could allow longer-distance transport, but is very expensive.
    Further, due to diurnal (day-night) and seasonal (summer-winter) changes in CO2 use, flue gas
    utilization would be at most about a quarter of the output of a coal-fired fuel power plant, even if
    water and land are available.

    Finally only about half the captured CO2 is captured in the biofuel.

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  • Manohar wrote:
    Sat June 26 2010 06:33:14 AM

    "Selection of optimal microalgae species for CO2 sequestration"

    A very interesting and relevant post.Now we know the CO2 tolerant species of algae. Thanks

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  • AlgaeNova wrote:
    Sat June 26 2010 09:21:29 AM

    Hallo Manohar,I still owe you an answer(it`s not forgotten!), but fine if the information could be of any help to you.
    My dear friend Shankar, what`s the use of seeing all the negatives. CO2 is being stored in algae and that`s just fine! Off course we can`t sequester all of this sh*** but we are doing our part. Go to my profile and open the descripotions and presentations. There you see that we are doing exactly what you find so extremely negative, - and it is a rewardable business! It may even be so that some of the energy provider are doing this just to show the world how green they are. So what!? We are in it, not only for our good, green conscience, but with the definately goal to earn good money with algae breeding. Sustainable technology is always worth while, let alone for the reason that we have to survive on this planet,- and this preferably in good health, but it`s even better if we can show that we contribute to the national growth scientifical, economical and cultural.

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