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Hello friends,
After long years of preparation and planing we finaly are in the last phase of our project, - the construction of a photo bio reactor of considerable size here in Germany. We have chosen a proven PBR technology that has been developed here in Germany by our partner in this project NOVAGREEN

Since our international web-site is still under construction you can have a description of technical detail under :


I have followed the OILGAE newsletter now for quite some time and found it a rich seam of information and this OILGAE CLUB a very usefull forum which gives me great pleasure to participate.
Several days ago i wrote a critical inlay about the algae-bio-fuel-hype that some of you might have followed. But to come to the point , here a lot of information is gathered about who plans what, who finances whom and what could be done in future with algae, - but little information actually is given about how things are being done and, even more important, - is it worth it in an economical point of view. But that`s exactly what matters!
Algae breeding will only have a future if it becomes a common commodity and not only a substitute for something which is heavily subsidized to match competition, but as a clean-tech product with a clean ecological footprint for various applications. Solazyme is such a company that covers all aspects of algae related clean tech industry - but as far as I know they are not breeding.
Breeding is something we are starting with right from the beginning. If we later will refine our biomasses will be a matter of market development,but most likely it will come to that.
For this forum I will give an insight of our business activities and a little survey about the economics of how a algae plant could be operated :
(please follow the link exactly, otherwise the document will not open!).
Comments, advises and critics are wellcome!

Andreas Abraham
Tue April 13 2010 09:06:31 AM by AlgaeNova 1506 views

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  • Parkavi wrote:
    Thu April 15 2010 07:28:09 AM

    Great to know that you are finding our news letter and club useful.

    thanks for the link!

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  • Manohar wrote:
    Wed May 26 2010 04:51:25 AM

    I agree with you 100 % Andreas Abraham !
    Algae breeding has to become cost effective.
    It is common knowledge that PBRs are very expensive.
    How much does your PBR cost ?

    From whom are you buying it ? In other words, who are the manufacturers ? Who are the other manufacturers did you consider ? What are the critical reasons, that made you buy from this seller ?

    How much did it cost ? At what temperature and conditions will it work ?

    How much of algae can it grow in a day / week / month ?

    At what price are you planning to sell the out put ie algae ?

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  • Pami wrote:
    Fri August 13 2010 07:12:23 PM

    thank you thats really informative!!..

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