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Algae Fuel Project 3

I am a student working on a project and we are trying to produce biofuels from algae. Luckily we came across this very helpful site and need to now everything from the basics and how to start this. We first need to grow algae. How do we do this and what type of algae is best?


Wed August 25 2010 04:40:56 PM by AlgaeNinja fuel student project 1554 views

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  • Aishwarya wrote:
    Sat October 09 2010 01:24:46 AM

    First you need to read a hell lot of literature!!

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  • Manohar wrote:
    Sat October 09 2010 02:38:06 AM

    Well said Aiswarya !
    After reading a hell of lot of literature, you may still have some doubts @ AlgaeNinja and at that time you can seek clarifications in this club.

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  • Anna wrote:
    Mon October 11 2010 06:10:44 AM

    That is it.

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