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Pyramid Photobioreactor 7

I recently came across a grant program that is being advertised by The Soley Institute. The program looks like an incredible opportunity, however, i'm finding it extremely difficult to find any empirical or theoretical evidence that the system works. I have not applied for the program yet as i'm waiting for proof that the equipment does as the manufacturer claims. i'm also very concerned by the lack of data out there, especially when the manufacturer says  hundreds of these units have been built and are currently in production.

I have scoured the internet looking for evidence that these machines do what the manufacturer claims, however i cannot find anything except some pictures, a presentation, and youtube videos. Ironically, none of the youtube videos show the machine in production, only going through the paces in a demonstration enviornment.

So i was curious whether anyone out there has used these machines, seen these machines, heard of these machines, etc. Is "The Soley Institute" a reputable company to do business with? has anyone had an experience working with them in the past?

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  • Morari wrote:
    Tue June 14 2011 04:44:52 PM

    All I can say about Soley Institute is that I have tried to get a grant from them, but they put a condition: I pay 20%, and they pay the remaining 80% of the total cost of the pyramidal bioreactor. At the same there is a video about a laboratory reactor on their site, and my requests to show the current bioreactor were avoided. But they asked to pay money in advance. It looks like a fraudulent scheme: they promise a grant on favorable terms, but you must pay a certain amount without seeing the goods.

    Iím seeking for microalgae cultures with high starch content and for an optimal bioreactor for their cultivation. If somebody happens to know, I would be grateful if you tell me.

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  • Davinchi wrote:
    Sun June 22 2014 11:28:18 PM

    Hello, as far as i know  you can contact  two universities in Turkey  the are using  real Pyramid shape reactors ,  there is all list  of who received grants from  Soley, founder and boss in Soley he looks very real person , doc. Mustafa Kizililsoley . By a way  i am applying for grant  to Soley  and doing my home works .

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