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MicroAlgae in open ponds in Sivakasi 38

hello My dear friends
I will be happy to see any efforts to grow green algae in open pond with protection from contaminated ...
the best strains of green algae we can introduce here in my land
i will provide basic support like power and water and land
I feel Sivakasi is an ideal location since plenty of co2 is let into air...
I think algae will meet here congenial climate to grow
welcome your participation
with best regards
91 9884016142
Thu April 01 2010 04:46:08 PM by Alagarsamy Green Algae  |  Dr MGr  |  Sivakasi  |  Jatropha  |  Bamboo 4760 views

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  • Narsi wrote:
    Fri April 02 2010 02:35:44 AM

    Sounds good Alagarsamy. It will be good for some of the Oilgae team members to meet you as you appear to be in Chennai as well. I will request some of my colleagues to get in touch with you soon, so that we can take this further.

    Hope you are finding the Oilgae Club useful and interesting

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  • Karthic wrote:
    Sun May 02 2010 01:37:57 AM

    Dear Sir,
    I am glad that efforts are made in Tamilnadu towards the production of biodiesel. I have a question for you. Are you considering an option of collaborating with some universities in India so that they can help you in developing technology/ helping you in the selection of strains/ any other engineering solution?
    Although I am the US, I feel that the all the colleges must have an extension research that could help people like you to make your dreams come true. I recently visited Coimbatore and I heard from one of the farmers that they receive no hep from TNAU, Coimbatore for help with their work which was disturbing to me.
    I would be happy to help you with the limited knowledge I have related to your microalgal project.
    Hope this club is a good means of getting in touch with people like you to enhance my skills.


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  • Gopinelli wrote:
    Wed May 25 2011 06:45:27 PM

    Hi Alagarsamy,

    I have recently started a new blog post on oilgae club. It will run into few weeks where I intend to discuss solutions to major algae commercialization barriers supported by a patent pending technology. You might see the info useful in your algae venture. 

    One of the purposes of the blog is to find commercial partners for my technology. I've been in Chennai last week and planning to visit again by end of June.

    Let me know if you are interested to meet me.



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