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Greening with Bamboo Projects

the Largescale plantations of Bamboo Vulgaris will be good for environment. Carbonisation of Bamboo gives Vinegar and Methane as bye products. Japan Technology is best .we get Black Bamboo Charcoal as main product from Bamboo which is at present are sold by 600 us dollars per Tonne.
so Bamboo plantations will fetch a good money ..we will have see Taiwwan and China and Japan.
The charcoal goldmine is still open to explode .
so after much thoughts we must develop this Bamboo Industry well.
but we need water...
Greening the Globe with Bamboo will enhance the health...more co2 is absorbed.
so no emissions
Let us plant Bamboo
Vinegar will see many wonderful biofuel products and many polymer based chemicals...
Mon March 22 2010 02:40:17 PM by Alagarsamy Dr MGR  |  Bamboo  |  Rajiv Gandhi Bamboo  |  Biomass 1373 views
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