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Quality improvement using Thioesterases 2

Typically, most microalgal fatty acids have a chain length between 14 and 20; major species are often 16:1, 16:0,and 18:1. But, ideal fatty acids for diesel production should be 12:0 and 14:0.
Hence, there is a need to control the chain lengths of fatty acids and this is achieved by acyl-ACP thioesterases of a variety of organisms that are specific for certain fatty acid chain lengths, and transgenic overexpression of thioesterases can be used to change fatty acid chain length, for e.g., Expression
of a 12:0-biased thioesterase from Umbellularia californica in both A. thaliana and E. coli drastically changed the lipid profiles in these organisms, with a great increase in the production of lauric acid.
Wed August 04 2010 06:12:55 AM by Aayush 1885 views

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