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Photoinhibition - 11 years ago

The intensity of light for efficient microalgal growth ,for many species, lies in range of 200 to 400 umol photons m^-2 s^-1, but photosynthetically active radiation intensities from sunlight can ...- more

Quality improvement using Thioesterases - 11 years ago

Typically, most microalgal fatty acids have a chain length between 14 and 20; major species are often 16:1, 16:0,and 18:1. But, ideal fatty acids for diesel production should be 12:0 ...- more

Cues from plants to improve lipid content - 11 years ago

Oil content of rape seed is being increased by increasing concentration of a yeast glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase, which is involved with assembly of Triacyl Glycerols (TAG) by transgenesis . ...- more

Genetic techniques for oilgae - 11 years ago

Genetic techniques like transgenesis or gene silencing are of great importance to produce algal strains of desired characteristics. Transgenesis means introduction of a ...- more

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