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Live Extraction of Lipids 2

Are you aware of the live extraction of lipids from OriginOil ? They are getting the oil without killing the algae.
See this link:


Does anyone know of any other company that has this available to the market place ?
Thu June 03 2010 09:12:54 PM by 4oilgae 1676 views

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  • Manohar wrote:
    Fri June 04 2010 08:25:09 AM

    " At any time in the continuous process, only some algae cells are ready for extraction. The process harvests these cells while the ?unripe? cells continue to grow. The harvested cells will eventually regenerate oils for another harvest."

    This is terrific. Any idea of the patent ?
    Is it nanofarming ?
    Nano farming is adjudged as one of the top ten potential disruptive technologies by biofuelsdigest.
    Keen on knowing more ... !

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  • Manohar wrote:
    Fri June 04 2010 08:27:13 AM

    Hi 4oilgae

    I wish you could mention your name and profession as this is a Professional Networking site.
    That will help us build a better bond.
    The background of the source increases/ decreases the credibility of the information shared.
    Thanks and regards

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